Laptop Repair

What to do when your laptop breaks down?

Is your notebook computer broken? Does it stop responding to the power button, freezes, or shuts down by itself? Or maybe there was mechanical damage or viruses in the system?

It is time to make an urgent appointment with a computer doctor in the service center. Here you will get free advice and guidance on how to fix your laptop. After all, laptop repair - a responsible thing, so it is important to apply in a timely manner to a highly skilled technician and quickly fix the damage.

The team of experts repair laptops of any level of complexity already more than 10 years. The motto of masters of our Service: "there is no impossible task! Thanks to the knowledge and long-term experience the staff of professionals of our workshop provides modern solutions in the field of repair and upgrade of computer equipment.

Why is it profitable to repair your laptop?

Repairing your laptop is always more profitable than buying a new one. The average cost of even the most complex repair is no more than 60% of the cost of a new computer. Why overpay?
Our specialists will carry out diagnostics on the day of arrival of equipment to the service center. Fast delivery of spare parts and components for notebooks of any brand will allow to repair the device in the shortest terms.
Don't worry if you don't have time to bring your equipment to the service center. The workshop will quickly come to your home or office. Your technician will inspect and repair your equipment right on the spot. If repair requires complex equipment, we will bring your equipment to the service center.
We provide a warranty of at least 3 months for all work performed, plus the manufacturer's warranty of 1 year. If necessary, we provide remote support and consult clients completely free of charge!

Our workshop provides the following services:
Notebook dust cleaning  
Changing the thermal paste in a laptop 
Printer Repair from 
Touch Pad Replacement 
Driver Installation 
Laptop matrix (screen) replacement from 
Laptop Battery Repair (Reanimation) from 
Laptop Repair/Replacement from 
Matrix Loop Replacement from 
Processor Repair and Replacement  from 
Hard Drive Information Recovery   from 

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